Hike 0h45 Hill of Chabrot (Montbron canoe)


Intended for families as well as beginners, this short trip from Montbron by vehicle to the starting point by Canoe located in Chabrot will allow you to discover some of the dams arranged on the Tardoire while enjoying two private castles which each approach the Tardoire, as well as a restaurant starred in the 2022 Michelin guide.

Forget the sporty side, and enjoy the landscape offered by the surroundings of the town of Montbron while sliding serenely on the water of a very calm river during the summer season.

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Please note, for organizational and management purposes, the last departure from the base at Montbron is at 5:30 p.m.


Kayak – Single-seater boat, available in adult and child sizes
Canoë C2 – Two-seater boat (Two adults or One adult and one child)
Canoë C3 – Three-seater boat (Two adults and one child or One adult and two children)

If you have difficulty choosing your boat(s). Tell-us, we will give you the best advice and register your reservation. Go to start point for your Canoe trip in Montbron.


Our prices include:

  • The rental of the adapted boat (Canoe or Kayak)
  • The provision of practical and safety equipment adapted to your size (life jackets, paddles, canister).
  • insurance for the practice
  • Transport by vehicle (in the event of heavy traffic, we may ask you to use your vehicle)


Reminder of some safety and good conduct rules:

  • Know how to swim and immerse yourself, wear your vest and closed shoes
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult
  • Be aware of your physical abilities when choosing the route
  • Use the signposted and equipped accesses to the river.
  • Respect private property
  • Respect local residents, fishermen and other users
  • Do not damage dams and banks
  • Respect the Fauna and the Flora
  • Respect appointment times
  • Plan something to hydrate, eat and protect yourself from the weather conditions of the moment (cap, sunscreen, etc.)